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Quest in reality

What is a real life quest?

A quest in reality, or a real life quest, is a new format of Team Challenge, where participants are required to solve various riddles and puzzles using objects around them. Every game has its own unique storyline and main goal, which usually involves escaping a locked room.

An important part of the journey is the game environment. The fantasy of the organizers is limitless! We skillfully reproduce the atmosphere of abandoned house, gloomy basements, gory bowels, secret laboratories, and even locations that cannot be easily found in everyday life, such as Mars base, and more. Тhe participating players are fully immersed in the quest and its atmosphere, and become the heroes of the story. Typically, the duration of a game is 60 minutes, and participants must make their best to carry out their mission in time.

Since this is a team game, collective thinking is a preferable approach to beating it. By sharing ideas and cooperating, players will be able to make it in time and complete their mission successfully. There are many types of adventures, though, and sometimes the staff encourages teamwork, while in other cases every player has to act independently, so that by the means of improvisation and using common sense, they will be able to accomplish the main goal of the quest.

Quest’s popularity is gaining momentum. Immersed completely in the atmosphere of the quest, players are given an unforgettable experience, similar to watching a good movie or reading a compelling book. That’s why the task the organizers face is a highly complex one: to make sure the players are experiencing the atmosphere perfectly, they need to be creators and artists, psychologists, writers and directors – all at the same time. Creating a realistic quest is a challenging mission, in the same way that it is challenging to film a motion picture where the viewer is also the actor, with a permission to act independently. It’s impossible to predict the behavior of the players, but nevertheless the game will obey common sense and logic rules, the quest will be exciting and it will certainly entertain all the participants.