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Like in every game, reality quests have some important rules. Following the rules ensures smooth flow of the plot and, of course, that’s how the players get the best experience. Game rules are recommended for all the participants with no exceptions.

QuestPlace Guidelines

  1. It is best to arrive 10 minutes before the official game hour.  It is necessary to clarify all the details, answer the questions and prepare the participants to the game.
  2. A late arrival may cause game cancellation.
  3. Participation under influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden.
  4. No smoking is allowed on the premises.
  5. Participation of children in the game is according to the game’s age rating. Children under 16 must be accompanied by adult.
  6. Taking photos or videos of the game room and sharing them online without receiving the company’s permission first is prohibited.
  7. You may not bring any devices or items form the outside that can help to pass the quest. Solving all the riddles with no unplanned assistance is a part of the experience.
  8. Any mobility restrictions or mental aspects that may interfere with the normal flow of the game process or may prevent from finishing the quest, must be taken into consideration. Please inform the organizers about these issues in advance – we want you to have fun, not suffer.
  9. Book the game in advance using our calendar.
  10. Any participant who is 15 minutes late, won’t be allowed to join the game. Please arrive on time.

Game rules: